The first Deep Coaching book, 12 Words, is in development.

It’s based on the 12 core principles of Deep Coaching, which are:

  1. I have the freedom and the power to choose, and my life is the result of my choices

  2. I understand and accept my own needs, and I take responsibility for meeting them

  3. a) I take care not to solve adult problems with childhood answers

    b) I am grateful for the solutions that have taken me this far in my life, even when I choose not to use them any more

  4. My choices, words and actions are aligned with integrity and with my personal sense of honour

  5. At this time, we are a broken people

  6. The land remembers who I am

  7. Peace is only found in the storm - I must engage with risk, adventure and change in order to find peace

  8. I will never be ready

  9. I cannot save anybody else.  That's not my job

  10. Nobody else can save me.  I will save myself with fierce self-love.

  11. I find deep connection when I combine vulnerability with clear boundaries

  12. I will never "get there" - my life is a sacred journey

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